Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weird Questions and Observations

Q: Can something turn out to be anticlimactic if you know it might be anticlimactic and are therefore steeling yourself for that likelihood?

Context: Tonight should - "should" - be our last faculty senate meeting, but I have little doubt the long agenda will ooze over into our just-in-case day, the last Tuesday of the semester, two weeks from today.

Thought: Why have three people expressed sympathy for me today because I went to the dentist? Am I the only one who enjoys good dental hygiene?

Q: Is it strange that I am somehow proud that my husband - the man with the beard - has been repeatedly mistaken for a man who got on the local news running across the finish line at the Cooper River Bridge Run because they both have giant beards? (Giant.) (Really.) Who am I? (Yes, when they post pictures I'll share.)

P.S. Maybe that should be his knitblog acronym: MHWTB, a.k.a. My Husband with the Beard. Sort of implies I have another husband without a beard though... Can't just call him The Beard. :)

Oh look. Senate time. Yay.

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