Friday, April 11, 2008

Taking the rest of the day off

Hello all.

I had the best intentions about writing an entirely craft related post last night but yesterday did not go as planned. I was supposed to spend most of the day in the field working on my research and then take my husband to the airport, return to the office for a little work, go to an evening event, and come home to blog. What really happened is that I came home from the field early with a migraine, slept until it was time to go to the airport, went back in for a little work and the evening event, went minimal-grocery shopping (you know what I mean - what's the least I can buy and still eat until (in this case) Sunday) before going home. I was barely able to feed my cats before collapsing into bed. Even then, I couldn't shake the headache and woke up a couple times between nine and midnight. Then my husband called at 2 a.m. - the second leg of his flight was canceled, leaving him stranded in Chicago until 3 today, which would have negated the whole point of the "campus visit" to Madison. He managed to switch his rental car to Chicago and drove the last leg instead.

Fortunately, my TA was teaching this morning anyway, so my drugged state is our little secret. I'm headed off to a faculty meeting where I'll probably use up the last of my coherence before heading home early. With any luck, I'll feel better this afternoon, but I'm not planning on anything more complicated than laying and reading. Not even, sadly, crocheting or knitting, though I may have enough in me to do some frogging I need to do.

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