Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Wonder #8

Hello! Weekend Wonder #8 has NOTHING to do with crafts, but I'll include a crafty preamble.

Sadly, I did not finish the scarf on time. I realized yesterday morning that it was not gong to happen, and had a flash of insight I wish I'd had days before. I intended the scarf to be part of a hat and scarf set and wasn't planning to finish the scarf - originally - until I did the hat first, to make sure the yarn would stretch. Well, the scarf is turning out lopsided - I'll explain that in next week's Weekend Wonder - and will require crochet trim. Suddenly I realized I could make the dang hat and give her the scarf when I finish Guy-Chicago's scarf, too! So that's what I did. Made a scarf [edit] hat, graded like a superfast grading demon, forgot to take a picture of it(!), went to a mature-themed bridal shower, where the hat was a hit all around despite not being mature-themed, and came home very late.

I now have too much to do to do anything but whip this out and get back to work... So, this is my weekend wonder to you - a Challenge. This is especially for you married or committed folk out there. My husband is a wonderful man who will NOT do certain chores lately. First commenter to give me a successful idea - other than mature-themed bribery ;) - for getting him to do chores promptly will win a hat, scarf, eye-mask or mitts handmade by me - your choice of project and yarn colors. Before you say, "No problem!", I have a few pieces of key information.
  1. I've tried asking, begging, bribing with money, and guilting. No dice. You're welcome to suggest variations - please do! - but I thought you should be warned.
  2. The man is, as I type, taking a clean bedsheet (the orphan from a ruined set) and wrapping it around three loads of clean, dry laundry, so that when we go to bed tonight, he'll be able to move it off the bed without having to fold it. Yes, he washed it, he just won't FOLD it.
  3. He also won't do the dishes (we have a dishwasher), but he did take out the trash.
That is your challenge.

P.S. Jen @ PieKnits is having a contest for some beautiful yarn and mystery goodies. Check it out! She does lovely stuff.

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Knitting Linguist said...

Ho boy. Yup, been through this one (we've been together 19 years; what haven't we been through?). I'll tell you what has helped sometimes with the dishes, neither of which is an option you may want to try. The first is to just let them sit, and then when the ants come for them, to point out to him that they're his dishes, and therefore his ants. This requires a certain degree of willingness to put up with disgustingness for a while. The second is to have children, and then to wait until they're old enough that they *should* be loading their dishes in the dishwasher but don't, and then when their dad asks them how hard it is to load their dishes into the dishwasher, look pointedly at his. That one worked pretty darned well, actually.

There's always therapy.