Friday, May 23, 2008

AWOL and Back Again

Well, hello!

Sorry for my disappearance. As you may know, I was working desperately when last I posted to finish two gift scarves and a ton of other things before graduation and two friends' wedding. Well, graduation ended up being much more time consuming than expected, I had some things come up at work at the last minute, and then my husband and I took a no-laptop house-shopping trip to Buffalo this last week. I'm only now getting home and settled, just in time to put our house on the market and struggle semi-valiantly to get it presentable.

I do have some photos of the finished scarves to share, probably by tomorrow night. Things are still a little crazy, though I suppose any house sale and move is like that. I'll try to post more now that we're back in town and keep you up to date, but sadly, Weekend Wonders are on a hiatus until further notice

Quick crafting update: I'm about 55-60% done with the Retro Femme top and planning to finish that before I start anything else. I have a couple design ideas to play with and Jocelyn's not-yet-identified item to make once the house is done. (For those of you new to the blog, Jocelyn won a recent "contest" I had for the best husband-inspiring techniques for getting my husband to do chores. She suggested, among other things, letting the ants build up to get him to do dishes, which was one of my particular issues. Strangely, the ants didn't quite work. They helped, but it was the discovery that a roach has actually been living in our rarely-used dishwasher that seems to have been the key to getting Mr. Man going on the dishes. Having graduation behind us has gotten him more inspired (though not exactly thirlled) about other chores, too.

Now all we have to do is pack, clean, and sell! No big deal, right?

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Knitting Linguist said...

You know you don't actually have to knit me something! I'm always happy to have my advice actually work (ha!). :) Are the dishes still getting done? Don't you love happy endings?