Friday, May 2, 2008

Think Sober Thoughts

Hola. I just came from celebrating the end of my husband's semester - and college career! - with margaritas. He took his last final today; he has nothing left to do!

Must be nice.

Sneer. Smile.

I'm a real lightweight when it comes to drinking, so two margaritas - two mason-jar-sized margaritas - was more than I should have had and reasonably expected to go back to grading any time soon. Now, I'm Ravelry-ing (raveling? Jocelyn?) and sobering up.

Speaking of Jocelyn, she had a great post about gratitude today - and for the record, I thought it was great before the margaritas and before I got em-dash crazy, so there. I've been thinking about similar issues as I get ready to take my leave of absence and launch into a new degree program. I'd like to write nice cards, or at the very least nice emails, to thank my colleagues and tell them where I'm headed, but I'm finding it hard. I haven't been worrying about it much, telling myself grading is more pressing - and it is - but it's still something I'm thinking of a couple times a day.

Most of the nicest things people have done for me while I was here were nothing as above-and-beyond as Jocelyn's friend, but the very act of being good colleagues takes on a new meaning when one of you leaves. It's like saying, "You were great, but not great enough." And while I'm technically only leaving for 1-2 years, I think it's unlikely I'll be coming back, and I want to be as honest and grateful in my parting as possible.

Can't make them all scarves though. Hmmm. Best I wait until I'm sober for that one, too, I guess.

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Knitting Linguist said...

I vote for Ravelrying. No wait, Ravelling. Yup, that's it :)

Thanks for the kind words about the post; as I think I said, that gratitude thing is hard, but I also think it's worth doing. You've got time after the grading gets done (and I know how pressing that can be!)(like the pressing a duck gets before it becomes confit, it sometimes feels). I hope you enjoyed the margaritas -- they are always my celebration beverage of choice :)