Monday, March 3, 2008

Flu + Karma

Alas, the weekend passed without either an end to the suspense or an end to the flu. I had something neat I wanted to post sometime over the weekend, but I'm afraid it will have to wait another week. Hopefully, by then the flu - who I am very sorry for insulting in a previous post - will have passed. As it is, I can only knit about four or five rows on the symmetrical shrug before I get tired. I've tried grading, but don't feel like I'm giving it the mental energy it needs, so none of that either. On Saturday, I thought I was getting better and spent a little time at the LYS and Barnes and Noble, so I even have new projects I'd like to be working on, just no energy.
Apologies then for the radio silence, but know that I'm planning to make it up with pictures, a pattern (or two) and positive thinking that none of YOU get sick, too!

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DomesticShorthair said...

I'm sorry your still out with the flu; you just have to give in to what your body needs and rest. Also, it's highly contagious and it's probably best to stay away from the public until your temp is close to normal. Take care!