Friday, March 7, 2008

Not really sure I understand irony

I'm not sure if this is truly ironic or Alanis Morissette ironic, but go with me here.

Any one ever read Stephen King's The Stand? Did you get sick when you read it? As in, did the book give you the superflu? Every time I had read it - and that was three times before this year - I got sick. No, not tubeneck, but a nice cold that left me feeling better after than I did before. I'm not unique in this either, as my husband got sick both times he read it.

Over winter break this year, I read a new copy of it, feeling like I needed to get sick for a couple of days to get the stress of last semester out of my system. (I bought the new copy because the old one is near its end with part of the cover missing.) This year, for the first time, not a sniffle. I don't know if I wasn't ready to let go of last semester or what, but Captain Trips passed me by. A good friend theorizes that maybe I was just sick the first time I read it and that the book itself is contaminated. I like to think not. Ew.

Anyway, now, when I should have had a whole week to grade and work on my writing, I find myself completely tied down with - yep - the flu.

Yesterday I was feeling better, but in a dangerous don't-do-too-much-or-it'll-come-back-worse-than-before way. So, I read some theses and knitted and crocheted, but apparently, that was too much. I'm back on the couch today, with an FO (Vicki's mittens, crochet) and a nearly FO (the shrug, loom knit) and a small mountain of grading. My hands are too shaky to craft or grade - I have a nervous condition that gives me tremors when I'm fatigued, which is a nice canary-in-a-coal-mine stress indicator, but something I do try to avoid. Therefore, I'm blogging, surfing Ravelry, and then napping if I still can't grade.

You may still be asking yourself, self, what's between me and good knitting pictures? This lovely storm is, as seen from my couch on the right or as seen from [begin reverb] SPACE, space... space... space... space...

P.S. Sorry my grammar skillz go away when I'm sick. Leave a comment if you like the blog better this way. ;)

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Knitting Linguist said...

Urgh, flu. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick! I hope you're feeling veryvery better, and soon :)