Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crochet Testers?

Hello! I spent the day at home sick, but the good news is I wrote up my first detailed pattern for a project I whipped together last night when I got too feverish to grade. (Note that I haven't yet been too feverish to craft, though I did get too sleepy at one point.)
I’m looking for anyone interested in test crocheting the pattern - I call it Slick: the One-Hour Eye Mask. You just need about an hour and 20g/20yds of a yarn similar in weight to a Bernat’s Bamboo. (It's listed as a Bulky 5, but I don’t think it’s that bulky personally). Oh, and a K hook (a J hook or L would also be worth testing).
What you’ll get is this! I slept in it last night, and it was better than the store bought-one I needed to replace. (There's a bazillion candle-power light directly across from our bedroom window, so a mask is a must for both of us to sleep.)
I’m going to make the pattern freely available, but I’d like it to be clean first. Unfortunately, no one I know knows Tunisian crochet. (There’s the kicker!) The pattern includes what I hope are clear instructions on Tunisian stitch (just need the simple stitch, increases and decreases), but there are also great video tutorials at NexStitch. This would be an easy project to try out Tunisian if you haven’t before, I promise! It’s also a great stash buster. If you’re interested, just comment here or send me an email at notensionknits at gmail.

ETA: Notice the texture? Its a little bumpy on the outside, but the inside (what is technically the front of Tunisian fabric) is smooth (see the parts over my fingers?).


Knitting Linguist said...

It looks lovely! Alas that I don't crochet ;)

I hope you're starting to feel better in time for the weekend.

DomesticShorthair said...

I had the flu last month, and it was nasty; I had a temp. over 100 for 6 days. I hope you get plenty of rest.