Monday, February 4, 2008

FO: Fingerless Bath Mitt

This was an improvised design I made after practicing my technique while watching NexStitch videos. I definitely recommend them. I learned to crochet from my left-handed mother who admitted to not being able to tell if I was doing it right. These little tutorials were a big help, as was the tutorial from Lion Brand (also available as PDF). (The project is on Ravelry or you can just see more pictures here.)
In knitting news, I'm about 70% done with my wrap - the Butterfly Moebius. One of the classrooms I teach in is Arctic-ly cold. I'm not kidding - the students keep their jackets on and some actually cover their mouths with their scarves during class. I'm hoping the wrap and/or the shrug that's up right after it will help. The shrug is still in the design phase though until I finish the wrap, so I'm also hoping to get the wrap done this week so the shrug will be done before the weather warms. (Though when it does, the classroom just gets colder.)
Non-knitting related post tomorrow!

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Nice work!