Monday, February 18, 2008

Work... Up To Here...

Well, some of my grading is done, but it made for a bummer of a weekend. I've got three papers left to grade and three thesis-portions left to read for my advisees. I would very much like to take tonight off and knit(!) but I am waiting to hear from my dear husband. If he has a lot of homework, then I'll probably bring home some grading, but if not, I may just knit while we watch Back to the Future II (and III? perhaps) - part of his birthday present.
I do have an FO to show if I get home in time to take nicely lit pictures. I crocheted a little camera case out of some Lion Brand Landscapes that I've been trying to use. I've got three and a half to three and three quarters skeins of the brown Landscapes colorway I used for my Unoriginal Hat left from a clearance sale and I'm not sure what to do with it. It's my only stash, believe it or not. Everything else is in progress or committed.
Sigh. I need to be committed. Nappy time.

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