Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who likes paying bills?

My husband and I tackled a daunting but necessary project this weekend. We paid bills. This would not be such an inordinately big deal if we hadn't been putting it off for four months. Don't get me wrong - we've been making nearly (all) of the payments, but we haven't balanced any of the accounts or really recorded any transactions except the payments themselves since the end of September.
Anyone who read this blog early on knows that last fall was the proverbial straw on this camel's back at work, causing me to plan a leave of absence from teaching next year. Knitting, writing, and my husband are the only things that kept me sane (with my cats and dog falling into the category of things that made me laugh when nothing else would). Well, we've been saying for a little over a month that we'd get caught up on bills at the end of the year.
Close enough?
The good news is we're not going bankrupt.
We also worked on organizing our books this weekend - we're both compulsive book buyers - and the sheer number of unread books both helped me justify taking most of yesterday off to read but also will probably help keep our book buying under control.
And now to knit a little before bed. Bliss. I'm working on the bamboo wrap. This is my third pattern adaptation, but a much simpler one than the Unoriginal Hat or Calla Lily Bag. It's based on the Butterfly Moebius (Ravelry) in the Big Book of Yarn.
Have a great week!
PS Pictures of my first crochet project as soon as I can arrange the photos.

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