Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calla Lily Bag - almost done!

And in knitting news...

This is the Calla Lily Bag - though the color I chose is more rose and less lily. The yarn is Patons Classic Merino Wool and the colorway is Rich Red; I'll post all details with the FO and on Ravelry. The picture to the left is where it stands now - knitted assembled, seamed, but not felted. I've never felted before and am a little (lot!) nervous. MAYBE tonight. If you have a tried and true way, please share!


purlewe said...

I put it in my washer on hot with a towel or a pair of jeans. I squirt in a generous squirt of dish soap. And I stand there over it while it runs. I leave the door open (my washer runs the wash cycle open, but not the spin cycle) and I stop it about 10-15 minutes in to check the level of felting. Sometimes I have to run it more than once, but with patons you shouldn't have a problem. Then I let it go through a rinse cycle (to get the soap out) but not the spin. I put it between 2 towels and squeeze the water out, then I pull it to shape and let it dry.

GOOD LUCK!! It is one of my favorite things to do!!!

NTK said...

Thanks, purlewe, for the advice. I ended up having to go for about half an hour, probably my eco-friendly washer's cycle is different enough, but now I can say I've successfully felted!
FO with pictures forthcoming.