Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Contest and the Calla Lily Bag

First, a plug for a contest on a blog I frequently read - Shut Up I'm Counting - http://shutupimcounting.wordpress.com/2008/01/21/444-contest/. I think contests like these are fun community builders, and I hope some day to have enough readers to do something like that.
Second, a lament. Don't worry, the bag is fine, I think it may even be awesome (one should throw up horns at that moment to get the complete effect), but the weather here has been miserable here, ruining all my chances for pictures. Today it clears, but only because I had to work and didn't get to go outside while it was sunny. Alas, here it is, 9 p.m. and I'm just getting home. I tried to take pictures in my office today, but they did not do her justice.
A measure of how awesome the bag is: my husband wants me to adapt the pattern to make him a bag for the field. (He's a team leader on an archaeological project and needs something with easy access for his supplies.) I'm thinking about making it in Lion's Brand Fisherman's Wool in the somewhat new color way - Nature's Brown. If you've used it, let me know? Or if you have any other suggestions of good felting medium brown wools, pass them on. Patons' dark brown was too dark, so I'm searching for an appropriate sacrifice substitute for him. It needs to be brown to hide the dirt - they'll be in Turkey after all.
We're allowed to knit for husbands if they ask us to, right?
PS I was thinking I might christen him - in the long tradition of knitbloggers using obscure acronyms for spouses - HWAM, but it reminds me too much of Wham!, which always gets - dammit, there it is! - Father Figure by George Michael stuck in my head. If you know why, you are already my friend. If you can guess what HWAM would have stood for, you are my psychic friend.

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