Saturday, December 22, 2007

Newbie Mistakes and Happy Anniversary

I made a newbie knitting mistake this week. Not dropped stitches or something like that but an overestimation of my own abilities. I've been working on the Calla Lily Bag for a couple weeks - too late for pictures tonight, but I'll include process pictures when I post the FO next year (probably) - and am down to the LONG strap and the felting. However, a few days ago, Husband and I had the brilliant idea to knit scarves for two of his female relatives that we always struggle to shop for who will probably enjoy the handmade gift a lot more than what we might buy. This was a good idea, but perhaps not a great idea given the time constraints. I've got Husband (a non-knitter) working on one while I do the other, and they are about 25% and 35% done respectively. He's doing the garter stitch main portion and I did cabling at one end with plans to do more at the other. This too wouldn't be such a big challenge except that we have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning our house and we leave the next day.

I'm going to make him knit on his a little before bed and that's what I'm going to go do now. I was even knitting on mine in the car today as we drove to breakfast and the movies. We went to two movies for our anniversary and then came home to frozen pizza. Yum. :)

On to scarves! I'll take pictures and try to post them before we leave. In case I can't - happy holidays and happy knitting!

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